Evolution of Floral Prints

Evolution of Floral Prints

Evolution of Floral Prints

Floral prints are the must have print type that is definitely always on trend every season. Basically floral prints & patterns always work…

Florals are the symbol of freshness and beauty.That is why designers always go for floral prints and patterns for their collections. There are a lot of floral print and pattern types in textile industry such as vintage floral patterns, tropical floral patterns, abstract and stylised floral patterns and so on…

As everybody knows each flower has its own meaning thanks to that as we mentioned above we can face a lot of different type of flowers in fashion. In this blog we are going to talk about evolution of floral prints in fashion year by year from 2010 to 2019. Let’s start!


In 2010 we saw floral prints and patterns with mix and match style.  Unfortunately we always afraid of to use different prints and patterns together. But in 2010 designers used different prints and patterns together. They did that for us. They used floral patterns with pastel block colors. They created a lot of design with sophisticated looks.

On the other hand,if we go into the details Thakoon used abstract flowersVersace used floral prints and patterns with patchwork technique, Christian Sirianoi, Carolina Herrera and many others gave importance to abstract floral prints and patterns at their collections. As a conclusion we can say that abstract floral prints and patterns were the key trend of 2010.


Floral prints and patterns again had a place on runways. Like always. But that year designers used floral patterns more than before. For example; Erdem pretty much gave importance to floral prints and patterns than others.

Jonathan Saunders used color blocked classic floral printsNicole Farhi added blurred floral prints to her collection and Dries Van Noten used oversized flowers and he played light of them. As we mentioned at the beginning floral prints and patterns have always place on runways. For the Spring/Summer 2011 floral prints were everywhere in every style. When we look at the shows one of them came to the forefront which vintage floral prints and patterns.



In 2012 floral prints and patterns were the biggest trend especially for the summer season. We saw floral prints and patterns with roses, orchids and dasies… Head to toe floral prints were the another key trend at that time. Let’s look at the details.

First thing first Proenza Schouler used yellow and aqua blue colored tropical flowers and  Altuzzarra used Hawaiian type of flowers in a modern way. Moreover Rodarte inspired by Van Gogh’s sunflowers. In 2012 Parabal Gurung also used floral prints and patterns but his choice was abstract flowers that inspired by Araki’s works. And the last but not leats we should talk about the Thakoon’s designs with floral prints. He used floral prints and patterns in an unexpected way and he inspired by Bollywood for that floral prints.


When  we look at the 2013 floral prints and patterns were one of the key dominating trends. Every type of flowers were popular at that year from bright flowers to feminen tiny flowers. We saw floral printed skirts, dresses, pants and so on.

Almost all famous designers used floral prints and patterns for their collections. For example when we look at the Prada’s show we can see floral prints with single flowers.And some, like Anna Sui, Ralph Lauren used combination of various flowers. They used flowers with different sizes and different colors.


That year were more bright than before. Timeless floral prints and patterns were playing leading role. In 2014 we can divide floral prints and patterns in 2 parts. One of them is soft, romantic and hand painted floral prints and patterns. The other one is bold, abstract and flat flowers.

For the first part Hermes was the best example. Oversized hand painted flowers were used. Dolce and Gabanna also used romantic flowers for their collection. On the other hand for the second part Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors can give an example. The main thing from their collection is they used middle sized flowers.



In 2015 floral prints and patterns were pretty impressive. We saw a lot of unique floral prints and patterns at the shows. Let’s talk about the some of famous designers’ designs with floral prints and patterns.

Firstly, Erdem used golden flowers on semi transparent farbic, Marni used spessific flowers. Secondly, when we look at the Celine’s collection we saw black and red flowers with minimalistic touches. On the other hand Miu Miu used floral prints and patterns with maxi flowers especially for skirts. Last thing we should never forget to mention mosaic floral prints from Carolina Herrera. Those floral prints and patterns were really fantastic.



Abstract and realistic flowers. There were two main floral pattern types at that year. For the floral print and pattern with abstract flowers, designers used blurred (abstract) flowers on dark background like Jason Wu. If we look at the Burberry’s show we can also see the asbtract floral pattern with psychodelic looks. During the 2016 we saw every type of flowers at the shows. For example, Victoria Beckham used Moroccan exotic flowers. Tanya Taylor prefered pretty red and blue flowers on dark background.

For realistic flowers Michael Kors can be good example. We saw pretty bluebells on their designs. We can give more example for floral patterns but basically we can say that floral prints and patterns were the winner of the year.



For the Fall/Winter period of 2017 we saw floral prints and patterns in all colors , all sizes, all shapes… We can summarize that time with one sentence ‘’Everything was about floral’’. Adam Selman used floral embroidery, Altuzzarra used yellow sweet flowers with wallpaper style. On the other side Nicole Miller catched our attention with Asian flowers. For the Fall/Winter season  we saw floral prints and patterns with lots of different styles.

Let’s talk about the Spring/Summer season of 2017. Almost all designers used floral pattern with floral canvas artworks. They wanted to create floral romance with it. Fendi  approached to this topic in two forms. Silk and baroque brocade. Carolina Herrera and Michael Kors also used floral prints and patterns at that year.


The key words that year were romantic and soft. Especially for the Spring/Summer time. As we all know floral types are important  to show romance. Tadashi Shoji and Parabal Gurung did their best. And also we saw two more different type of floral prints and patterns in Spring/Summer  2018 which 60’s Florwers and Micro Floral Patterns. As everybody knows that 60’s floral prints are different than regular floral prints and patterns. Their sizes, colors, shapes are really different. In 2018 we saw a lot of floral prints and patterns with 60’s flowers at the shows such as Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu followed that trend.

Micro Floral Pattern’s turn. As everybody knows micro flowers are more feminen than other floral patterns. If you wonder who used that kind of floral prints and patterns we can give couple of example to you. Ulla Johnson and Brock Collection. They were really good at it. Let’s talk about the winter time of 2018. Floral prints and patterns were also popular at that time. Again and again. But that fall designers emphasized on floral patterns with dark background. For example Saint Laurent used purple abstract flowers on black background.



Surely we can not have a season without floral prints and patterns. In 2019 again we saw a lot of floral prints and patterns . Designers used floral prints and patterns with so many different ways. Erdem used decorative floral patterns and he gave an importance to use flowers in one color. If we look at the Alexander McQueen’s designs we can feel romance and feminity. He used soft flowers for his collection.

In Fall/Winter season something has changed. It was not suprise. We saw a lot of realistic flowers. Dries Van Noten  was on top of the list. He used realistic flowers and he inspired by his garden. Definitely that gave a huge romantic effect. Prada also used realistic flowers especially roses. In addition to Prada and Dries Van Noten , MSGM also used realistic flowers in their designs for Fall/Winter 2019.


To sum up, For the upcoming season which Spring/Summer 2020 we can say that some print trends making a big comeback in Spring/Summer 2020. Let’s speak of them.

Firstly, thanks to awareness of sustainability, ‘’patchwork’’ prints became more of an issue. Thats why designers gave very important message for  our planet, easily. For Spring/Summer 2020 Erdem, Preen , Ports 1961 and many other famous designers gave a place that type of pattern in their collections like Versace did in 2010.


Secondly, blurred flowers. For Spring/Summer 2020 floral prints showed themselves with many different ways but floral pattern with blurred flowers must be the key of that pattern type.

When we look at the previous seasons , in 2011 Nicole Fahri  and  in 2016 Jason Wu used blurred flowers for their collections. For Spring/Summer 2020 Carolina Herrera is thebest example of this print trend.


Thirdly, During the fashion weeks for Spring/Summer 2020 we saw a lot of floral patterns with deorative flowers like 2012. In 2012 Dolce & Gabanna used that type of flowers.

For next summer Richard Quinn also used those decorative flowers. One more floral pattern trend making comeback in Spring/Summer 2020 that pattern inspired by famous painters. In 2012  Roderte inspired by Van Gogh and for the upcoming season Moschino inspired by Picasso for their collections


Paco Robanne and Toga when they created their collections for Spring/Summer 2020.

Paco Robanne used naive single flowers like Prada’s 2013 collection and Toga used combination various of flowers like Ralph Lauren did in 2013.


Moreover, we are going to talk about abstract and flat flowers. During the fashion weeks of Spring/Summer 2020 we saw romantic and flat flowers at the shows like 2014.  Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors can give as an example for that year.

For Spring/Summer 2020 Oscar de la Renta and Giambattista Valli gave a place to that print type in their collections as well.


Fourthly, maxi flowers are showing themselves again. In 2015 maxi flowers were pretty dominant at the shows. Miu Miu followed that trend at that time. On the otherhand golden colored flowers were popular as well.

When we look at the upcoming season we saw golden flowers at  Saint Laurent’s show  and  we saw flat flowers  Erdem’s collection.


At 2016 bluured flowers and ditsies were popular like Spring/Summer 2020.

Sara Battaglia and  MSGM  almost reflect that year to today.


Furthermore floral patterns with furnishing flowers are very popular.When the year 2017 wa saw like that kind of floral prints & patterns in Nicole Miller collection, at that year designers used floral prints with floral canvas art works.Dries Van Noten follow that trend as well. On the other side we saw very beautiful embroidered roses in Adam Selman’s collection.

For Spring/Summer 2020 Erdem follows that trend too with yellow embroidered roses.


We face abstract and feminen floral patterns again like 2018.

Emilia Wickstead and Richard Quinn did their best.


At the end,we will compare 2019 and Spring/Summer 2020.

Floral prints protects their popularity. Marques’ Almeida and Dolce & Gabbana did not go far away from last year…